G-day, Monsterous here...

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G-day, Monsterous here...

Post by Tantriks on Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:50 am

Hey there!

I'm Monsterous, one of three founders of HaxCrew.
I will serve here as Administrator and Council, if you have any questions about this place or the clan then I'd suggest you come to either me or any of the other founders (Swaschan & Tantriks).

About me then... As you may have guessed, I enjoy playing online-games. I'm a PC gamer to the max and when I don't play games, I hang out with friends, play on my guitar or work. I'm currently working at the National Defense of Sweden, yes - The Militairy.

Anyways my main interest is PC-gaming, which is a core to why I started HaxCrew.

I hope you'll like it here!

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